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Yellow Breeches
Big S. & Green S.
Falling Spring

   Take a visual tour through our local fly fishing areas, click-on the links and enjoy.
      Also, be sure to page down for additional information about of each stream....

    THE LETORT:  Located in South Central Pennsylvania, the Letort is    
                                          one of the most famous streams in the country.
                                          As it wonders its way through Cumberland County 
                                          and directly through the town of Carlisle, Pennsylvania, 
                                          it is said to be where terrestrial fly fishing began with the  
                                          help of Vince Marinaro and Charlie Fox.


    The Letort brown trout are extremely wise and extremely skittish.
You will need patience, ability and persistence
to be successful on this stream. The brown trout population continues to increase.
Don't be surprised to see or latch into a 20" trout or larger.

    There are a number of different hatches through out the year. Black Stoneflies,
Sulphurs, Tricos and Blue Winged Olives hatch during their appropriate times.
Midgets can be fished year round. During the summer months, terrestrials are 
used on a daily basis. You may want to brush up on your streamer techniques.
This is a must for this famous one-of-a-kind limestone stream.

   THE YELLOW BREECHES: Located in Boiling Springs,
the Yellow Breeches has it's own reputation
for sly and very sensitive wild and stocked trout.
Stocking takes place several times a year. You can fish 
from the bank or wade down through the beautiful
country-side. An experience you won't soon forget.

    A little known trivia about the stream. It got it's name from the British Soldiers  
during the Revolutionary War. They washed their trousers in the water and 
as they dried, they turned yellow, hence; The Yellow Breeches.

    The Breeches offers-up yet more treasures from another era.
In the summer of 2005, a local fisherman wading in about hip level water,
looks into the clear stream (looking for fish) and spots a shiny piece of medal. 
He bends into the water, getting soaked and almost dropping it, thinking it was an old
piece of fencing, realized what he had in just a few seconds. Remarkably, this local
gentleman pulled out a Confederate Civil War Sword, believed to belong to a member
of one of Jeb Stewarts Cavalry Scouting Units. It is thought, they crossed the
Yellow-Breeches on their way to Gettysburg in the summer of 1863.  

The Presentation Sword shows a fluted bone grip and the "Keystone" symbol of 
Pennsylvania. The marker was Horstmann of Philadelphia. The uniquely painted
scabbard is engraved with the horse soldiers name. Also, notice the crease in the
scabbard. This was done to hold the sword in during field use, 
as the Confederates would use any type of weapon they could muster, 
no matter the maker or manufacturer.

         Please notice, the in-creditable condition after 142 years in the water. 
          A truly remarkable find. It just goes to show, you never know what 
                         you'll come home with, when you go fishing.

    Other then Civil War swords, there is a wide variety and a diverse number of
insects hatching through out the year. The largest being, the Black Caddis. 
Others include, Sulphurs, Tricos and the Tan Winged Caddis. The White Fly
hatch is the most famous and favorite along with midge fishing. The Yellow
Breeches is also best known for its terrestrial fishing.

Located in and around Newville, Pennsylvania,
the Big Spring  and the Green Spring support a range
of trout and conditions. From the banks, you can see 
trout laying in wait. Some 20" and larger. 
These trout take great presentation, patience and 
persistence. If you can master the 3 "P's", you'll have 
your hands full. The waters are crystal clear with beautiful 
surroundings and unique wildlife. The piece and quiet is 
almost as good as the fishing.

    The hatches are plentiful. Feel confident in using different patterns of 
midgets the entire year. Other hatches of the Blue Winged Olive, Tricos and
Stoneflies can do the job and raise the heads of those 20" trout.

    THE FALLING SPRING: Located in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania,
this limestone trout stream is one of the areas wild trout fisheries.
This is one of the best known and recognize trout waters in the east.
The constant water temperature makes year-round fishing a great joy.
As the stream meanders through the picturesque country side,
you will be amazed with the excellent stream conditions. 

    The hatches are of a  wide variety. Caddisflies, Mayflies and Midges hatch 
throughout the year. The summer terrestrial fishing is the best.
The Falling Spring offers 20" rainbows and larger. The elusive brown trout
with its large population are there, most anglers just don't know it.
A great challenge.
     I hope you will enjoy .  

  "Our conservation efforts of today is a gift for those who follow tomorrow"
                                                                                   The Stoney Creek Company


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