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                          of  CARLISLE, PENNSYLVANIA

                    is offering
                                   "The Letort Spring Run 
                                       A Protection Guide"

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For additional information on "THE LETORT REGIONAL AUTHORITY"
Page down for Pictures of the Map...

              Below are a few pictures of the protection guide/map with
                a unique comment from a fellow fly fisherman...



COMMENTS from a concerned and interested party:

"The map is wonderful 1:2400 scale, any larger I could fly fish 
   from my computer room in Minnesota. Wonderful reading all of
   the useful and interesting information on the map  (front and back). 
   About how the community is doing everything possible to protect
   and to further improve the land trust. 

Thank you, to the people who make the Letort Land Trust a success,
and the Stoney Creek Company."

                                                   Steven McGarthwaite,
                                                   Writing exclusively for "Fly Anglers On-Line"
                                                   Charter Member of "Friends of FAOL"

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